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Why choose us

Selection enthusiast

Anything that grows under the Spanish sun can be found in our selection – fruits and vegetables that come in all types, shapes and sizes. We are the first to introduce our clients with novelties and upcoming trend products. 


Fastest deliverer

Our fruits and vegetables arrive the freshest because they are harvested at their optimal harvesting age. This is enabled by our own transportation services that provide direct and fast delivery of produce without stops or mid-way ware-housing.

Trusted partner

Founded in 1977, Scan-Iberica is a family owned business who has cooperated with trusted hand-selected Spanish farmers for decades. We have extended the idea of family to all of our partners – commitment to both farmers and clients is at the heart of our business. 


Safe hands

Thanks to close partnerships and direct transportation, the traceability of the products is secured. Furthermore, Scan-Iberica carries out its own control and quality tests in addition to mandatory testing. We play safe to ensure quality.


Confidential and long-term relationships have been the most important factor in the success of our operations. Our long-term partners have become like family members – after all, we are on phone often many times a day.

Jorma Kankaanpää,
Founder of Scan-Iberica

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